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Search Engine Optimisation

Helping brands optimise and develop their organic search strategy, to elevate their brand online.

Digital Marketing Services & Support Dink Consultants

SEO is the art and science
of optimising your website

to improve the quality and quantity
of its traffic from search engines.

And when 94% of global search traffic comes from Google, there’s no doubt about it, SEO is vital to building your brand online. But without a solid SEO strategy that prioritises; building authority and visibility, delivering a great user experience, and creating valuable content that ranks highly for the search terms your target audiences are using – you’re unlikely to achieve your goals. That’s where dink can help.

How dink can help...

SEO Audit

Need clarity on your brand’s organic search impact? Dink will audit and report on your website’s current SEO performance, the competitive search environment, keyword ranking and SERPs, and identify potential fixes and optimisations, prioritised in terms of high, medium or low SEO impact.


SEO Strategy

Want to ensure your website and content is making the most organic search opportunities? Dink will transform your business objectives into a goal-driven SEO strategy, that arms your brand with the insights, keywords, on-page, off-page and technical SEO tactical priorities, that you and your team can implement to up-level your organic search performance.


SEO Management

Not enough time or resource in-house to implement optimisations or implement your SEO strategy? Dink can support your SEO efforts, whether that’s actioning one-off optimisations revealed from an site audit, or helping you implement your SEO strategy, month by month.


Why should your brand
invest in SEO?

    • Underpins content strategy across channels
    • Increases brand visibility online
    • Increases targeted site traffic
    • Improves user experience & conversions
    • Reduces dependency on paid advertising
    • Builds brands credibility & trust

Here to help your brand anticipate, identify and embrace digital marketing opportunities to drive growth, improve efficiency and optimise your marketing efforts.