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Social Media Marketing

Helping brands build the social media channels, strategies and content they need, to elevate their brand online.

Digital Marketing Services & Support Dink Consultants

There’s more to social
media marketing than

posting a few times a day, if you
really want to build your brand.

When audiences are spending on average 3hrs per day on social platforms, there’s no doubt about it: your brand needs to be on social. But without a sound social media marketing strategy, relevant quality content and a consistent publishing schedule – you’re unlikely to achieve your goals. That’s where dink can help.

How dink can help...

Social Media Audit

Unsure if your social media efforts are paying off? Dink will uncover the data behind your existing channels and identify immediate opportunities for growth and optimised performance.


Social Media Strategy

Need help turning your brand’s vision into a social media strategy? Dink will transform your business objectives into a goal-driven social media strategy with actionable tactics, that you and your team can implement to deliver tangible results.


Social Media Content

Need scroll-stopping content? Whether a one-off social media campaign, monthly social content calendar creation or a bespoke branded social media content kit for you or your team to implement; Dink can craft your brand the creative it needs, to reach, engage and convert target audiences.


Social Media Advertising

Want to reach new audiences, generate leads and convert more sales? Dink can help your brand maximise paid social opportunities to ensure your ad’s reach, engage and convert target audiences.


Why should your brand
invest in social media?

    • Meet audiences where they are
    • Build relationships & engagement
    • Increase enquiries & leads
    • Build brand personality
    • Reach new audiences
    • Build trust & social proof

Here to help your brand anticipate, identify and embrace digital marketing opportunities to drive growth, improve efficiency and optimise your marketing efforts.